I’ve been on my health journey for quite some time now. I’ve done a fair bit of research and come across some pretty interesting information. One of the biggest and most confusing pieces of information revolves around Dairy.. Why has our society put such an emphasis on consuming a secretion from a mammal other than one our bodies were designed to digest? We’re the only species that consumes milk from a species other than our own.. Not only is that strange as hell.. we are taught from a young age that it’s healthy. When in fact it’s not.. 

Adrian and I have recently decided to cut Dairy our of our diets. Dr.Oz claims his 28 day dairy free program will have us less bloated, better skin and having less inflammation. I could use less inflammation in my life! We aren’t going off the deep end yet.. This is a gradual change.. Something we both feel will benefit us in the future. 

What studies have you read that change your view on certain foods?

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These are GORGEOUS! :)


Art Writer’s Wednesday 3 - Tumblr Artist

Ryan Donato | on Tumblr (USA)

“To me, paintings take on a life of their own. When you lose a connection with a painting, it becomes nothing, but a mere mess.” Ryan Donato is a self-taught artist living and working in New York. He successfully served as a fantastic editor for the Art tag here this past year. He is inspired by vibrant colors, the firm desire to capture them, and the subconscious mind. Heavily influenced by Dada, Ryan’s work is also a mix between two lines of abstraction. He emphasizes on the creative process, rhythmic drips, splatters, dribbles that envelop the viewer into a lacy spider web design. Leslie Seuffert interviewed the Artist for Artchipel’s Art Writer’s Wednesday #3.

Leslie Seuffert for Artchipel: Why haven’t you chosen to share your art on Tumblr until just recently?
Ryan Donato: The biggest factor in not sharing my work until now was that I was unhappy with it and therefore felt it didn’t belong on Tumblr. Sometimes, like many artists, I am much too critical which is perhaps a blessing in disguise. My own critique inspires me to strive to do better and to view my work from every angle possible until I am satisfied with it. Recently I decided to post my work just to see how it might influence me.

LS: When did you first pick up a paintbrush and what prompted you to use this creative outlet over another?
R: I first picked up a paintbrush when I was about 17, but didn’t really think about pursuing in painting seriously until last year. I wish I could explain why I picked this over another outlet, but I can’t. It just feels right. It definitely helps me through the worst of times, tremendously so. I think that’s why I continued with it.

LS: I feel a sense of anger, frustration and even chaos sometimes when looking at your paintings. Does any of this ring true?
R: When I am painting, I am not aware of what I’m doing. I don’t try and give the painting an emotion; I let it have its own emotion. So, yes and no, frustration and anger could be what is perceived but it is all up to the viewer.

LS: What is your inspiration of the moment?
R: I find myself mainly inspired by the works of Ernst, Magritte, Pollock, Picasso, Dalí, de Kooning, Gorky, and Rothko. 

LS: What has been your biggest challenge or greatest achievement to date as an Artist?
R: Painting is helping me slowly discover who I am and what I want in life. Finding the time to paint and coming up with ideas that inspire me is also very difficult for me at this time.

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Source: artchipel

I have a style I would love to have however it appears trough my shopping I’ve somewhat failed to reach it. I suck at shopping for myself so my wardrobe is very mix-n-match. I have a couple super cute outfits but overall I suck at dressing myself!


The first that comes to mind is Marley & Me. This was a wonderful movie and I balled my eyes out. It made me think of my boxer Teagen who was taken from us far too soon.


There aren’t too many distinct differences between my BF and I.

Sure we look different. And she’s much stronger than i am in many areas! She’s extremely smart and funny!

Oh and she’s an awesome runner! I wish I could be as ambitious as her!


Breakfast: Peaches & Cream oatmeal

Snack: 2 hard boiled eggs

Lunch: turkey burger, turkey hot dog & homemade baked fries

Dinner: grilled chicken tenders, long grain wild rice, jalapeño kettle chips

Dessert: chocolate chip pieces


Sadly, I have not been to many concerts in my life. Of the handful I’ve been to the most memorable is the Kenny Chesney concert I went to last year! Followed closely by the Buffet concert. Situation for buffet sucked but the actual concert rocked!!! :)


I actually don’t recall how I found tumblr….

I started using it when I decided one of my goals for 2012 was to start and finish something. I found a 365 day blog challenge and started posting!

I don’t use tumblr for anything other than my ramblings and postings for this challenge. I suppose when I’m done ill probably find a new challenge or stop using it.


I’m not sure I envy anyone’s life enough to want to live it for one day… I’ve always been curious what a normal day is like for celebrities. They have cameras in their face all the time and really have no privacy. I don’t think I’d like that at all.. So maybe switching with a celebrity isn’t on my list….

I have affection and intamacy issues so I think my ideal life swap for a day would be with someone who is capable of affection and intimacy and isn’t afraid. I would love to know how it feels to be affectionate and intimate just once in life. If I never experience this part of life I feel I will miss out on what the most common exchange of admiration and affection really is. I deprive those around me, who I love, of such intimacies and affection and don’t know how to change it. I’m honest with them so I think they’ve accepted this is who I am. I feel swapping with someone who isn’t afraid of intimacy and affection would give me insite to what im missing in my life. It would give me persepctive and hope!


I have a fake tooth.